From Des Moines, Iowa, Courtney Krause's music has been featured on KCWI 23, KCCI 8, Iowa Public Radio (IPR), and KFGM Homegrown. From events like Des Moines Music Coalition's Little BIG Fest, to annual volunteering at Race for the Cure, Women Helping Women, and JDRF, Krause has significantly contributed to the musical growth in Des Moines; at the same time, bringing people and music listeners of all ages and backgrounds together. 

In 2016, Krause was added to 80/35 Music Festival lineup, after the song "Hardwood Floors" was selected for Carpe Diem III and the song "I Understand" was used to be chosen for the 2016 Community Selected Artist for Des Moines Music Coalition's Gross Domestic Project. 

"I feel like I've been writing songs for other over-analytical, racing, sympathetic minds. I want the songs to reflect that genuine emotion we are capable of that make us human without relying in pity or self sorrow. I want the songs to try to help others cope better, love a little more, and know when it's time to take action for change in our lives. The live shows are so important for that reason. They allow opportunities for listening and experiencing people and life first hand. We put a lot of work into composing the live shows, and there is no greater gift than when we get to share what we're doing with others."

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Listen and purchase the well received debut album "Thoughts and Sound" on Amazon, CdBaby, Spotify, or Bandcamp today.

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